Maximize customer retention.

Customer retention is the decisive factor for high customer lifetimevalue. We provide you with all the analyses and tools you need tosustainably improve customer loyalty.

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Trigger repeat purchases.

  • Segment customers based on their individual customer journey
  • Identify the ideal time to reactivate and incentivize repeat purchases
  • Create the ideal offers with product recommendations and high-performing discount codes

Win back lost customers.

  • Determine which of your lost customers were of high value to your brand
  • Personalize recovery strategies with ideal offers
  • Maximize LTV with the help of these high-spending customers

Acquire better customers.

  • Influence customer quality at the acquisition stage and target only high-potential customers
  • Create powerful lookalike audiences based on your high-value customer segments
  • Promote products that lead to high customer loyalty

Increase subscriptions.

  • Grow the share of your recurring revenue by increasing subscriptions
  • Create segments of one-time buyers and activate them to subscribe at the ideal time
  • Identify which products are most suitable for subscriptions

Proven by success.

LTV Increase
More Repeat Purchases
Net Revenue Increase
We analyzed how customers performed before and after using RetentionX for 12 months. Past performance doesn’t guarantee future results.

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