Optimize your customer acquisition.

Find out which channels and campaigns your marketing budget iswell invested in. Gain insight into all qualitative metrics and optimizeyour customer acquisition for maximum long-term success.

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Get the true ROAS of every campaign.

  • Connect directly to your favorite marketing tools and enhance RetentionX with additional campaign details
  • Get access to previously unknown quality metrics like campaign LTV, payback time, AOV and many more
  • Measure which campaigns generate the most genuine new customers and their ROAS based on customer lifetime value

Create powerful audiences.

  • Learn from existing customers what your ideal customer profile looks like and how you need to target your audience
  • Create powerful lookalike audiences based on your best segments
  • Exclude unwanted customers like bargain hunters and product returners from your acquisition activities

Allocate budgets effectively.

  • Optimize your marketing budget for the campaigns that will maximize your LTV:CAC ratio
  • Eliminate expensive campaigns that only attract existing or low-value customers
  • Adjust budgets based on the performance of individual locations

Promote the right products.

  • Find out which products are particularly effective for acquiring new customers
  • Learn which products and categories are worth spending more on as they attract more loyal and valuable customers
  • Exclude products from your ad catalog that are purchased only by one-time buyers

Proven by success.

Marketing Savings
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We analyzed how customers performed before and after using RetentionX for 12 months. Past performance doesn’t guarantee future results.

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