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How NICKIS added more than $178,000 in revenue through geo-targeting

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NICKIS is the world's leading retailer of luxury children's fashion. Founded in 1985 as a family-run offline store, NICKIS has gradually expanded to an online experience selling high-end apparel from brands such as Gucci, Moncler and Bonpoint.

Here's how the NICKIS team leveraged RetentionX to achieve an impressive revenue increase of $178,000 just from these cities within a year - all by targeting the right locations.
RetentionX's AI data insights enable the NICKIS team to strategize on their revenue potential. RetentionX revealed that customers from five specific cities have significantly higher LTVs (up to +315%) than others, indicating that they are more likely to remain loyal and generate higher revenues.
Based on this insight, the NICKIS team was able to develop a complementary digital marketing strategy to attract more customers located in these high-value cities. The strategy included the following tactics:
1. Geo-targeted advertising
NICKIS launched geo-targeted ad campaigns across its key marketing platforms Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Realizing that their high-LTV cities were top performers in terms of customer loyalty and spending, NICKIS decided to capitalize on this potential by setting higher bids and budgets for ads targeting these cities. By implementing this, they directed more resources towards markets that already demonstrated high profitability, thus maximizing the return on investment.

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2. Local influencers
By partnering with local influencers in these cities, NICKIS created authentic and relatable content. Considering popular products among high-quality customers of these locations, well-known lifestyle influencers and moms showcased the latest children's collections.
As one example, an influencer's "day in the life" reel of their child featured by NICKIS, was repurposed as an ad targeting customers from the same city. Utilizing this local, authentic content as an ad helped strengthen the connection with local audiences by presenting the brand's offerings in a familiar and relatable context.
3. Personalized promotions
To ensure that all promotions reached the desired target audience, NICKIS used its customers' location data to encourage purchases during local events and provide event-specific incentives.

For example, they ran an email campaign to newsletter subscribers from Paris promoting free-shipping during the Paris Fashion Week.

Similarly, geo-targeted discount codes for an "Oktoberfest offer" were created for their followers from Munich for purchasing the traditional costumes for their kids. These personalized promotions spoke directly to local sensibilities and events, generating an engaging and resonant marketing message.
4. Location-based content
To increase organic traffic and improve search engine visibility, the NICKIS marketing team optimized its city-specific content to reach the maximum number of high-potential prospects. It also used social media posts and paid promotions to distribute its content to potential new customers living in those cities.

For example, a blog post titled 'The Top 5 Trendiest Kids' Outfits for Munich Summers' was shared on their Facebook page, with audience preferences adjusted to reach users in Munich.
Once these strategies were implemented, it was essential to monitor their success. For this purpose, NICKIS was once again able to leverage RetentionX. The Best Cities analysis makes it easy to track the number of new customers and their quality. In order to track the effect of the individual measures, both the discount codes and the UTM parameters were evaluated.

In just 12 months, by focusing on high-quality cities, NICKIS succeeded in attracting more high-quality customers, increasing the total LTV by 4%, and ultimately increasing revenue by an impressive $178,000 from these cities alone. And the beauty is that these high-value customers are not just creating short-term value for NICKIS, but sustainable value over their lifetime.
“The insights provided, allow us to refine our marketing efforts, target the right customers, and achieve significant growth – and that's why we trust RetentionX.”

Fabian Bender
Founder & CEO of NICKIS